Everyone should be thinking about retirement savings when you are earning income.  You may be familiar with the traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options that are available, but where you aware that there are better options for those that are self-employed or part of small business partnership?  One such option is the Simplified Employee Pension Plan or SEP.  SEP plans provide for a simplified method for you to make contributions of up to 25% of each participants compensation to a retirement plan.  One of the best benefits is that it is a deductible expense for the business and it does not count towards current year earnings for the employees!

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Mark received his education from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech), June 1988

  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Minor in Computer Science


Program Manager

Mark has worked in the Department of Defense contracting market since 1988 in King George, VA.  This includes:

  • Over 15 years of Program Management experience with contracts recently valued as high as $8M per year
  • Managing and reviewing Profit and Loss reports as well as Revenue forecasts
  • Preparing and executing program budgets and estimates


Non-Profit Finance Officer

Mark has been a volunteer with King George Fire & Rescue, Inc. since 1991.  He has been responsible for managing the department's finances with QuickBooks since 2005 as well as maintaining the department's compliance with the IRS rules for tax exempt organizations. 

  • Managing Fiscal Year Revenue and Expense reports
  • Managing Fiscal Year Balance Sheet reports
  • Preparing and filing annual IRS form 990.



Certifications & Credentials

  • IRS Annual Filing Season Program Certification - 2021, 2022, 2023
Resolute Tax Solutions is a family owned and operated business.  We are happy you found us!
We are an Authorized IRS e-File Provider that can prepare and submit your federal tax returns electronically to the IRS, as well as most state tax returns. 
Small business or non-profit?  At Resolute Tax Solutions we believe there is more to just preparing your annual tax return.  As a QuickBooks Online Solution Provider, we can work with you to help develop custom solutions for your small business needs throughout the year.

Convenient and Confidential

We run a contact-less office to help work when it is convenient for you.  Secure file exchange protects your information throughout the year.  We operate under the highest ethical standards that ensure your personal and business information remains secure and confidential.

Individual Solutions

Whether it is Itemized Deductions, Capital Gains & Losses, Self Employment Income, Household Employer, or Rental Property, we keep up with the latest tax rules and laws so you don't have to.

Small Business Solutions

As a small-business owner our self we know the challenges of having to manage everything your business requires. Specializing in Self-Employed and Partnership tax returns as well as related bookkeeping solutions, we can apply our expertise to help you concentrate on your core business. 

Non-Profit Solutions

The non-profit tax return is a public document, therefore a careful and complete submission helps maintain the image of your organization.  Focusing on small to mid-size non-profit organizations, our worry free solution helps you direct your energy on your primary mission.  IRS requirements for a non-profit to retain tax exempt status include maintaining permanent financial records and filing an annual tax return.  We have solutions for both.    Based on our own non-profit experience, we can provide a customized QuickBooks Online approach that helps monitor and keep your organization's finances up to date and well prepared to support your annual tax return.  Partnering with us is also an easy independent way to help combat potential fraud within the organization.

Estates and Trusts

While we recommend consulting with a lawyer to establish an estate or trust, let us be your go-to partner when it comes to managing and reporting the tax liability for the estate / trust and beneficiaries.